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Your audience knows how to increase engagement

Being happy at the I bike Budapest 2021 march. The images and videos generated by the audience of the event can help increase audience engagement of npnprofit campaigns

Last year Aron Halasz, the organizer of “I bike Budapest” (IBP) parade asked the participants to shoot videos during the event. The goal was to get video material that can be used for this year’s promo video for the next event. After that, I edited this campaign video. I saw that people have shot great footage about what they loved during the event. As a result, this has proven to be a great way to increase audience engagement of a nonprofit campaign. 


IBP is a parade held once a year in downtown Budapest. Thousands of people attend. The goal of the orgaizers is to send a message to politicians that ‘we want a bike friendly city infrastructure’. However, the video footage people shot during the parade shows that people had more reasons to take part of the event.

In other words, most people of such a demo probably agree with the message of the event but what these videos has proven is that they love the march itself. And this is what IBP is utilising in their promotional campaigns.


Using video footage created by the target audience is not just a smart way of advertising nonprofit issues. This way you can focus on what matters the most for your audience. Because the material they shoot is about what they like.

We engage because it feels right. 

Sometimes it is not the message of a campaign or the ’cause’ of an NGO that make us go to a march or participate in a charity action. We engage because it feels right. This is why I think the best way to increase engagement of a nonprofit campaign is to focus on the experience people can have if they participate in our cause.

During the editing work I realized what people had been trying to capture. Being together, being free, feeling that we are right. The proper editing style can amplify these energies and at the end you can have a pro campaign video.

To sum it up, you can increase the audience engagement of a nonprofit video by using material shot by your audience but the final cut should look just as entertaining as a music video. This is why I followed the editing style of fashion and music videos as well as the style of some TikTok channels. The quality of the post production of this type campaign videos has crucial importance.

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