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My answer is the now

Today, on my 55th birthday, and on the occasion of the death of a former classmate of mine, I am trying to find answers to some of the Big Questions from the point of view of a video content maker. How to get up every morning? 

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” (Gandalf)

J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

A classmate of mine from elementary school just died recently. And it feels like the entire time we had until now (55 years) would have been just a couple of years in school. 

I often ask myself if I spend my time the best way? This question is not just about how to maximize pleasure in life but how to have the best impact in the age of the crysis. 

Once in a month I read something terribly bad about our future. Then it takes me about 3 to four days to get over it and find a balance again. The worst thing I usually read is that we have no means to save our civilization. We are going to crash the wall. Soon. The only thing you can do is find a place on Earth now that seems to be future proof.  

When I get to this point, I feel like there is this even bigger question. That is, how would you get up the next morning after having read this? 

I have a lifestyle to minimize co2 emissions, don’t fly, do not have a car and buy food locally. In my work, I do video production for projects that I believe in. 

Okay, but you can say it does not make sense. Because some people will not change, so greedyness, selfishness, aggression, narrowmindedness, manipulation will eventually destroy our livelihood. All right, but if you are doing the right thing you will do it not only because you are hoping for a better future but because it feels right in the now. 

My answer to the future is the now. I am not sure what the future will bring about but I wanna fulfill the present moment which demands me to do my best. 

In my case, in video production I realized that whenever we are saying something, or creating content then we always spread what we believe in. No matter what you do, eventually your beliefs come through. 

If you are burned out and just wanna survive the day, then you are spreading this. Have illusions and wanna influence others to join? Sure, you are spreading illusions. If you manipulate, eventually you are spreading hate or disillusions. 

And I think many of us have the same big questions on our minds. So the audiences are ready to get answers. No matter what the content is about, the best ones help to answer the big questions. 

Answers to big questions are now wanted more than ever. 

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