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Boring awareness raising videos don’t raise awareness


There are six actors and actresses in the studio for a two day shooting. Some of them we just met for the first time. There have been no rehearsals. But still, the shooting goes like charm. There is a reason to this easyness. 

The topic is bullying among children which is a complicated and sensitive issue. And we have to make 60 second long awareness raising nonprofit videos. 

Instead of an explainer video

I really don’t like lengthy explanations. And I think there are many people on Earth who think the same way. So we have based our video concept on a mix of dramatic scenes and a very short narration. Actors, who just met us and each other for the first time, understand exactly what we want. 

If you explain a complicated topic like bullying in an awareness raising video you may end up having a long and boring stuff that nobody likes. But our approach is to focus on feelings just as much as on thoughts. 

We decided to shoot crucial moments of bullying, and focus on what a child experiences when being bullied. It is going to be like a mixture of a feature film and an ad.

There are children participating in the production who know much about bullying and they speak to the camera about their own thoughts. 

We are to create stories based on what children said about bullying.

all the scenes will be turned into animation in post production

There is something miraculous about not just explaining the subject of bullying but to make it like a one minute Netflix film. To make this happen fast and cheap, we figured that all the scenes have to be be turned into animation in post production. All what we shoot, all the scenes and the people in them. So you don’t need to worry about costumes, props and scenery.

You can create the set in post production. For example, the story can be set on the Moon, or in Africa or in the middle of Budapest. 

I think there are a million topiks that should be featured like a film does rather than how a teacher speaks. Las time we did a production like this one for SOS Children’s Villages. This is one of the videos we did about trauma: 

The main advantages of this methodology are: 

  • the viewers enjoy these type of nonprofit videos more than standard explainer videos because there are real characters and action int them like there in a real cartoon;
  • instead of listening to arguments and facts, the viewer learns through experience; 
  • you can give insights to complex issues in a short playing time 

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